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Acting Classes

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Acting Classes

Commercial Tech I/II: A Fundamental Hands-On Class that develops and refines the basic tools for becoming a Commercial Actor in the Entertainment Industry. The class focuses on learning the process of On-Camera Auditions, as well as developing Good Communication Skills using Theatre & Public Speaking Technology. A key factor is the development, strengthening and enhancement of one’s Voice and Vocal Range. The class culminates in a Showcase, revealing the progressive development of each student in a live Self-Tape Session, which is an integral part of the Audition Process. Students will be encouraged to audition for student and short films which are used in assembling a Demo Reel which is used in securing an Agent who promotes their clients to Casting Directors. Commercial Tech students will also be offered special opportunities, such as “Being on Location” and “On Set,” with the opportunity to be an “Extra” on upcoming film projects.

Improv for Kids: This class is a fun-filled Performance Class that actually teaches discipline in Acting Skills by allowing one’s Imagination to become animated and creative through the Art of Story-Telling. This triggers spontaneous PLAY. The result is the creation of an Ensemble that Thinks quickly on their feet and Reacts with vibrant Energy and Spirit !!!

Commercial Tech/Improv: This Class is for non-readers and/or younger kids as they develop communication skills using fundamental Improv techniques. This combo class will teach kids basic skills for On-Camera Auditions, especially for TV Commercials. Students will learn how to focus and “React,” not Act, using age-appropriate scripts. Students will learn to “slate to the camera” and develop clear and articulate dialogue for Agents & Casting Directors. On-Camera Skills will be practiced. Improv games will also be introduced in the class.

Improv for Teens/Adults: Think, “Whose Line Is It Anyway? Meets “Comic-Con 2030.” This Group will perform monthly Live On-Stage to Audiences. The class is open to all who dare to go where no Man (or Woman) has gone before. Fasten your seat belts. This may be PG frolicking fun and festive PLAY!


Workshops will be offered regularly on “The Business of Acting” with Eve Koch, a 30 year veteran Talent Agent, and Hank Stone ~ a Working Actor, Director & Screenwriter. These workshops will provide students & parents the information they need to get a talent agent, professional head shots, and what to do and not to do to in order to become a Working Actor in the film and television Industry.

*must have 5 students registered to open up a new class or keep a class opened.