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Production Services

Recording Studio

Are you a singer songwriter looking to record your songs? Do you need a professional studio for your voice over work or commericals? Are you looking to work with a producer or write original material? Give us a call at Elevate Studios to get started.

Recording Studio Rates

Hourly              $55
Daily                $350 (8 hours max)
Project             Please call for Project rates

Demo Rates

2 songs $175 (4 hours max)
3 songs $250 (6 hours max)

Demo rates include Mixing

Song Editing      $20 per song  (This includes up to 3 cuts in a song. Generally used for anyone needing to shorten a song for an audition or a performance)

What is a Demo CD?

A Demo CD is different than a fully produced CD. There are differences in the final result of a Demo CD as opposed to a fully produced CD. Demo CDs are an effective and less expensive way to distribute/shop your music to someone. They can still sound great with the proper preparation from the artist before the recording session. The Demo CD should show a collection of your songs and sound



VHS to DVD Transfer

Do you have old VHS videos you’d like to convert to DVD? Did you know that videotape will begin to degrade and lose picture quality in as little as twelve years?  Here at Elevate Studio’s, we can transfer your old VHS tapes to DVD. You will now have these memories for life!

Package 1

This package will include your VHS to DVD transfer. It will have no editing and contain exactly the same material as the master tape. You will be provided a digital copy and may *purchase a DVD if needed.

$15 per VHS tape
$5 per copy of DVD (if you want a hard copy)

Package 2

This package will include your VHS to DVD transfer; chapter breaks so you can easily skip through your video, and audio/video enhancing.You will be provided a digital copy and may *purchase a DVD if needed.

$25 per VHS tape
$5 per copy of DVD (if you want a hard copy)

Ask about special pricing for advanced editing, or discounts on multiple transfers.
*Optional purchase if wanted

DVD to Digital Copies
Do you have home movies already on DVDs? Would you like to have an extra copy, or even have it in a digital format for yourself? We can create a digital file of your DVD for you to use for editing, or for playback on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
$20 per DVD