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Recording Studio



With the rise in home recording studios, it’s getting harder to be competitive in today’s market. Here at Elevate Studios we combine that home recording feeling with a high end sound that you can only get out of a professional studio. We will spend time with you getting a sound that you want, a sound that you love, and make you feel excited about your recording. With our selection of professional equipment and microphones, we are sure to give you a high quality, modern, clear recording. We work with any budget offering hourly, demo, day, and project rates.





Do feel you just need that extra kick in your mix? Do you have a song recorded somewhere else you need mixed? Along with recording at Elevate Studios we offer mixing services as well. We will mix your project that you recorded with us, or bring in your song and let our professionals work their magic. Just bring in your Pro Tools session with your Audio files and we will use our out board gear and 100’s of Pro Tools plugins to give you a clear sounding professional mix.



Elevate Studios Recording Editing Pro Tools


We can help you with editing music, or voice overs for anything you need. If you need a song edited, or a few songs edited together for a performance we can help you out. We can add a simple cut and fade, add a reverb or delay ending, or splice a few songs together. So many times you may need a song edited for a competition, or for a demo. Don’t freak out about what to do and let the pros at Elevate Studios help you out. This service is great if you are a dance studio or dance teacher and need songs editing for a class.



Elevate Studios Vocal Booth


Sometimes you need a good voice over for a video, podcast, or radio show. Get a high quality professional track recorded that you can use for all your marketing needs. We will edit, splice, and provide you with any format that you need. Wether it’s a .WAV, .AIFF, or a .MP3 we can provide those to you. Don’t just record try and record a voice over on your phone, get it done professionally and get it done right the first time.





Sometimes you get stuck or feel like you have writers block and you’re not sure what to do next. Or you’re working on a new beat and need help with putting a little something extra in it. We love helping with the songwriting process and both our Engineers have over 25 years experience working with writing songs and performing live.


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