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Every once in a while, you run across something that makes you sit up and take notice. This year, I was privileged to catch Elevate Studios at the Crane’s Roost Christmas celebration, and was completely blown away. I have seen lots of performers, worked with some of the biggest names in the industry…names like Harry Connick Jr, Mark Hamill and Jenifer Lopez, and I have to say that these kids would fit right in with that company. The professionalism, enthusiasm and sheer delight that they perform with is nothing short of spectacular. And I’m sure you will be just as blown away by them as I was. Watch for these kids in the future…because they are destined for great things! Oh, and if you have any doubts, let me put them to rest right now; those vocals are all live!

And of course, a very warm thank you to them for allowing us to spotlight them in this year’s iZonOrlando Christmas Special. I’m sure that once you watch this video, you will be firmly entrenched with the Christmas Spirit!

From the bottom of my heart: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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I would like to thank Mark Izzo at Elevate Sudios for doing an awesome job transferring old VHS tapes to DVD for me. Some of my VHS tapes were over 20 years old.  Mark was able to convert them successfully and he also went above and beyond by not converting duplicate copies of which I had plenty of.  He also titled the DVD’s and put in chapter breaks in which has made it so easy for us to find certain home videos that we have been looking for!

I highly recommend Mark for any project like this you might have.

-Amy DiClemente

This month makes 2 years since Mariah started dancing, singing & recording at her dance studio! Its been an amazing experience and awesome to see how much she has learned, the friends she has met & the experience she is gaining! The studio is basically her 2nd family!! I’m so proud of you Mariah Grace!!

-Jessica Pittman

My kids got so much out of Become a Working Actor Camp. They learned a lot and loved doing it! Many thanks to Mr. Hank, Cheryl and Marisa.

-Dani Kai