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Vocal Classes

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Vocal Classes

Vocal Tech & Performance I/II: This vocal class is where students, in the beginning and intermediate stages, can learn to sing using a combination of classical and modern techniques. Proper breathing, support, posture and placement are all methodically taught and strictly enforced. Students will work as a group and individually to determine and operate within their own vocal range, all while learning basics of music theory pertinent to the singer; including diction and oral motor skill. A large portion of the curriculum will also be allotted for performance techniques, exercises and concentration on entertainment as a whole. This typically includes addressing bad-habits that typically follow new singers. Direction is given in a fun and energetic environment designed to inform and educate!

Vocal Tech III: This curriculum is designed for the advanced singer. With the basics securely under one’s belt, it becomes necessary to solidify good habits through repetition and complex ear training. Other foci highly pertinent to this course are style, genre, dynamic deposition, dimension, emotive context, professional blocking techniques, music history and music appreciation, to name a few. This is a very fast-paced course that will encourage career-minded students to become more self-guided and learn how to make the most of their independent practice.

Foundations in Rhythm: Our newest and most innovative class to date! We are very excited to be able to offer a class that incorporates percussive instruments and temporal techniques designed to help the student apply abstract concepts to physical properties like their bodies and hand-held instruments. This is particularly important due to the fact that most activities in entertainment typically revolve around basic knowledge in music theory. Being that dancers are more naturally inclined to channel their energy in periphery, this class will strengthen their comprehensive knowledge physically. In polar opposition, singers tend to find strength in their core and lack in peripheral control; making this class just as necessary for singers as well as dancers. In the event that your student is a triple-threat-in-the-making, this class is invaluable!!!! *For singers* Identical course concepts with context based on vocals pertinent, and special focus on syllabic and chord control.

Each Class is $15 per hour, 1 hour per week
(rate is based on signing up for monthly plan)

*must have 5 students registered to open up a new class or keep a class opened.