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Vocal Classes

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Vocal Classes

In our fun & exciting vocal and singing classes, students help choose group songs as well as solos, and will learn to sing them with proper vocal technique and without straining. Singers will also be coached on how to perform a song using correct microphone technique and learn to move on stage and create moments with their audience.

Singing/Vocal Technique I/II: This vocal class is where students, in the beginning and intermediate stages, can learn to sing using a combination of classical and modern techniques. Proper breathing, support, posture and placement are all methodically taught and strictly enforced. Students will work as a group and individually to determine and operate within their own vocal range, all while learning basics of music theory pertinent to the singer; including diction and oral motor skill.

Singing/Vocal Performance I/II: In this vocal class, a large portion of the curriculum will be allotted for performance techniques, exercises and concentration on entertainment as a whole. This typically includes addressing bad-habits that typically follow new singers. Direction is given in a fun and energetic environment designed to inform and educate!

*must have 5 students registered to open up a new class or keep a class opened.